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Ефекти за бас китара

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AX3B процесор за бас
AX3B процесор за бас FEATURES 57 types of REMS modeling effect variations. Up to 6 simultan..
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B1on процесор за бас
Процесор за бас Number of effects    B1on = 75 Number of simultaneous effects&nbs..
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133,00лв. 119,00лв.
LMB 3 Bass Limiter / Enhancer
Smoothes out your playing by eliminating harsh volume peaks, even when using dynamic slap and pop te..
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B1Xon процесор за бас
Процесор за бас с expression педал Number of effects :B1Xon = 105 Number of simultaneous effects..
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155,00лв. 139,00лв.
GEB 7 Bass Equalizer
With a frequency range from 50Hz to 10kHz, the GEB-7 is ideal for any bass guitar, including 5-strin..
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173,00лв. 155,00лв.
ME 50B Bass Multiple Effects
Puts world-class bass effects in a rugged floor unit with easy pedal-style control. Ефект и процесор..
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560,00лв. 485,00лв.
B3 процесор за бас китара
Процесор за бас китара. Effect Types    111 Simultaneous Effects    3..
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