Дискотечно осветление

Дискотечно осветление

DREAM DANCER Светлинен ефект

190.00 лв. 290.00 лв.

Светлинен LED ефект 15 gobo\'s • 10 Watt LED light source Светлинен ефект Plug and play • Auto, Static or Sound mode The Showtec Dream Dancer is a gobo flower with a powerful 10Watt Cool white LED light source. It has 15 gobo\'s with 6 different dichro\'s. It is plug-and-play and has three modes; auto, static or sound active. Both gobo and mirror ..


EXERCET Светлинен ефект

95.00 лв. 179.00 лв.

Последни бройки! Sound activated, multicoloured gobo flower •18 gobos, including 6 multi colour gobos •Excellent optics for enhanced brightness Светлинен ефект •2 switches control gobo and reflector dish for continuous or sound activated rotation •Sound activated by built-in microphone Technical Information Lamp: EFP 100W/12V Weight: 4,6kg Size: 2..


HYDROGEN Светлинен ефект

150.00 лв. 290.00 лв.

Светлинен LED ефект Plug and play water effect • Manual focus Светлинен ефект 10W LED Light source • Strong light output The Showtec Hydrogen is a plug-and-play water projector with a powerful 10W LED Light source. It has a solid iron housing with a nice finish and strong bracket. It slowly scrolls the colors white, red, green, blue, purple & yell..


Icon GS Светлинен ефект

55.00 лв. 95.00 лв.

Светлинен ефект - Simulated Gobo Effect - interchangeable Gobo (26mm, 20mm viewable) - 2 Modes (continous rotation or static Gobo) - High Quality Optics - Clear Powerful Output - Compact Lightweight Design - Great for Use Without Fog - Hanging Bracket Included - Fan Cooled - Run All Night - Easy Lamp Replacement Access - Manual Focus -..


IGNITE180 LED 180W Moving Head Spot

1,850.00 лв.

Движение на главата: Пан 540 °Движение на главата: Накланяне на 270 °Ъгъл на лъча 15 °Брой цветове 7 цвята + отворениБрой гобота 6 въртящи се гобос, 8 статични гоба + отворениБрой светодиоди 1x 180WDMX канали 13 или 17Захранване 100 ~ 240Vac / 60-50HzКонсумация 230WРазмери 330 х 2140 х 360 ммТегло 10,2 кг 180W High Intensity LED13 or 17 DMX channel..


JB Systems INFERNO светлинен ефект

80.00 лв. 229.00 лв.

Светлинен ефект от JB Systems, имитиращ трептене на пламъци.  Уважаеми клиенти в нашия онлайн магазин можете да разгледате много и разнообразни предложения за музикални инструменти, ефектно осветление , озвучителна техника и аксесоари от световни марки за професионални и начинаещи музиканти на най-добри цени . Ако имате въпроси относно продукти в..


LED MATRIX-4 - Светлинен ефект

120.00 лв. 189.00 лв.

LED Светлинен ефект The Led Matrix-4 LED features 4 high brightness red, green, blue and white LED's clusters, cresting stunning text patterns, geometric figures, dynamic scanning, rolling and rotating effects. Great built-in lighting shows under Master/Slave operation triggered by music Optional CA-8 easy controller for enjoying instant lighting..


LED PinSpot 12W RGBW Cree DMX - Светлинен ефект

100.00 лв. 140.00 лв.

LED Светлинен ефект The Pinspot LED 12W RGBW 4in1 CREE DMX it creating high quality affordable fixtures. The Pinspot LED is a simple, small LED Pin Spot. This pin spot is light weight and compact which makes it a great piece for mobile DJ’s, archtectural lighting, or ligting effect. The Pinspot LED is also suitable for theaters, studios, retail st..


Mirrorball 30cm 2.3kg ОГЛЕДАЛНА ТОПКА

60.00 лв.

ОГЛЕДАЛНА ТОПКА Mirrorball големина: 30 см тегло: 2,3 кг направена от огледално стъкло вътрешната топка е от незапалим PVC Уважаеми клиенти в нашия онлайн магазин можете да разгледате много и разнообразни предложения за музикални инструменти, ефектно осветление , озвучителна техника и аксесоари от световни марки за професионални и начинаещи музик..


SB1500LED Smoke Bubble Machine Si

355.00 лв.

Details The SB1500LED is a combination of smoke, bubble and 3-in-1 LEDs built into one case. The fan of the SB1500 machine creates many bubbles that are filled with smoke every minute while also creating an up draft allowing the bubbles to rise high in the air. This system has 12x 3W LEDs in the powerful colours: Red, Green and Blue. The SB1500 is..


TRI Pearl LED Светлинен ефект

160.00 лв. 265.00 лв.

Светлинен LED ефект  2x 9-watt 3-in-1 RGB TRI Color LEDs produces a variety of color effects (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Cyan & White)  32 Sound Activated beams move and strobe to the beat of music  Power consumption: 30W per unit   Long Life LEDs (100,000 hr. rating)  Multi-voltage operation: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz  In/Out IEC..


WG G2011 LED Magic Ball Светлинен Ефект

150.00 лв. 220.00 лв.

Светлинен Ефект Магическа Топка WG G2011 LED Power supply: AC110V-250VFrequency: 50-60HzPower consumption: 15WLight source: 1pcs 10W high brightness tri-color ledsLamp life: 6-10 ten thousand hrsCoverage angle: 150 degreeBeam: 34 sharp beamsControl channels: 5 chsControl mode: DMX512, master/slave, auto, sound activeAutomatic model(by function but..


White Mini Beam Светлинен Ефект

55.00 лв.

светлинен ефект 3W Power Supply: 110-240 V AC 50/60 Hz Dimension: 15cm x 6cm x 8cm Weight: 0,3 Kg..


X-COLOR/GP LED Светлинен ефект

170.00 лв. 270.00 лв.

Светлинен LED ефект Hybrid high performance mobile DMX color spot & gobo projector in one with a new advanced high performance LED source Includes one replaceable gobo pattern (Gobo size: 22.5mm; Viewable size: 17mm) 3 DMX Channels: Color, Dimmer & Strobe 4-Button menu system LED display making it easy to navigate 3 Operational modes:..


Ефектно Осветление CUBIST 3D ефект

100.00 лв. 247.00 лв.

Ефектно Осветление CUBIST 3D ефект Последни бройки! Характеристики: A unique 3D effect that projects 12 impressive 3D patterns Comes with great built-in programs in auto movement or triggered by the internal micro Precise optics with a special effect wheelPerfect for background wall projections Adjustable focus Fan cooling Optional CA-8 c..

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