Ефектно осветление

Ефектно осветление

DREAM DANCER Светлинен ефект

190.00 лв. 290.00 лв.

Светлинен LED ефект 15 gobo\'s • 10 Watt LED light source Светлинен ефект Plug and play • Auto, Static or Sound mode The Showtec Dream Dancer is a gobo flower with a powerful 10Watt Cool white LED light source. It has 15 gobo\'s with 6 different dichro\'s. It is plug-and-play and has three modes; auto, static or sound active. Both gobo and mirror ..


EXERCET Светлинен ефект

95.00 лв. 179.00 лв.

Последни бройки! Sound activated, multicoloured gobo flower •18 gobos, including 6 multi colour gobos •Excellent optics for enhanced brightness Светлинен ефект •2 switches control gobo and reflector dish for continuous or sound activated rotation •Sound activated by built-in microphone Technical Information Lamp: EFP 100W/12V Weight: 4,6kg Size: 2..


FLASH LED Moving Head Cree Beam & Flower Светлинен ефект

480.00 лв. 738.00 лв.

Светлинен Ефект FLASH LED Moving Head Cree Beam & Flower LED Светлинен ефект 120W, който позволява да създадете интересни и цветни светлинни ефекти. Идеален е за дискотеки, малки и средни клубове. Moving head based on 12 RGBW CREE LEDs. It allows to create interesting and colorful lighting effects as well as a narrow light beam. It is ideally sui..


FLASH LED Moving Head Spot Светлинен Ефект

1,000.00 лв. 1,472.00 лв.

Светлинен Ефект FLASH LED Moving Head Spot LED Светлинен ефект 120W с подвижна глава . This LED MOVING HEAD 120W SPOT applied advanced design and processing technique, This modern 120W SPOT have extremely nice outlooking, and with upper-translucent lens lamp. That make it to be able to create accurate bright and sharp beam, with 7 rotating gobos ..


FLASH LED Moving Head Wash - Светлинен ефект

1,200.00 лв. 1,800.00 лв.

LED Светлинен ефект - 19 x 15W RGBW WASH moving head with 8-50° zoom feature, based on high-quality Osram diodes. The housing, made of durable plastic, makes the device more reliable than similar heads of its class. A number of features such as built-in programs, the possibility of changing rotation and tilt speed or adjusting rotation and tilt di..


Galactic RVP250 Лазерен светлинен ефект

200.00 лв. 395.00 лв.

Трицветен лазер - червено, виолетово, лилаво 250mW Red Violet Purple Laser • Compact housing • 32 Patterns and built-in shows Лазер • Red, Violet and Purple colors with total 250mW • Master / Slave possibility with other value line units The RVP-250 has bright red, violet and purple colors and a total power of 250mW. The multicolor lasers from Gal..


HYDROGEN Светлинен ефект

150.00 лв. 290.00 лв.

Светлинен LED ефект Plug and play water effect • Manual focus Светлинен ефект 10W LED Light source • Strong light output The Showtec Hydrogen is a plug-and-play water projector with a powerful 10W LED Light source. It has a solid iron housing with a nice finish and strong bracket. It slowly scrolls the colors white, red, green, blue, purple & yell..


Icon GS Светлинен ефект

55.00 лв. 95.00 лв.

Светлинен ефект - Simulated Gobo Effect - interchangeable Gobo (26mm, 20mm viewable) - 2 Modes (continous rotation or static Gobo) - High Quality Optics - Clear Powerful Output - Compact Lightweight Design - Great for Use Without Fog - Hanging Bracket Included - Fan Cooled - Run All Night - Easy Lamp Replacement Access - Manual Focus -..


LASER MINI RG + 8x GOBO + RE Лазерен светлинен ефект

40.00 лв. 70.00 лв.

Мини лазерен ефект - червен и зелен лазер + 8 фигури LASER MINI RG + 8x GOBO + RE лазер Technical Specification: Laser power: green 30mW@532nm; red 100mW@650nm Rated power:     5W AC adapter: DC 5V/1A Beam specifications:     laser source:     diode laser class:     RG + 8x GOBO Operation modes:      Preheating time: 5-10m Cont..


TRI Pearl LED Светлинен ефект

160.00 лв. 265.00 лв.

Светлинен LED ефект  2x 9-watt 3-in-1 RGB TRI Color LEDs produces a variety of color effects (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Cyan & White)  32 Sound Activated beams move and strobe to the beat of music  Power consumption: 30W per unit   Long Life LEDs (100,000 hr. rating)  Multi-voltage operation: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz  In/Out IEC..


Светлинен Eфект PUMA

150.00 лв. 313.00 лв.

Светлинен Eфект PUMA Последна бройка! Intelligent Gobo-flower Perfect for discos, clubs, bars, mobile DJs Светлинен ефект Built-in programs for great pre-programmed lightshows! Master/slave or standalone mode with built-in micro or easily controlled by SM1612 or any other DMX controller Gobo/colour wheel with 15 single and multi colour gobo..


Светлинен Eфект SDJ-TRICORN1-0-LED

240.00 лв. 344.00 лв.

Светлинен Eфект SDJ-TRICORN1-0-LED Светлинен Ефект LED ( Дискотечно Осветление ) High output LED lighting effect w/ revolutionary RGB colour LED system Tricorn total LED power: 9W LED chaser with adjustable speed DMX 512 protocol compatible 7 DMX channel modes 4 control modes: DMX 512; master/slave; sound activation automatic built-in m..


Светлинен Ефект KALEIDO

190.00 лв. 359.00 лв.

Светлинен Ефект KALEIDO Последна бройка! Architectural Projector A unique 250W kaleidoscopic effect that projects a swarm of swirling patterns Comes with great built-in programs in auto movement or triggered by the internal microphone Several units are linkable for synchronous shows! Precise optics with a special gobo/colour wheel. Perfect ..



120.00 лв. 185.00 лв.

  Светлинен Ефект SDJ PROTEUS O LED DJ EFFECT 20W High Output LED effect with powerful RGBW LED's Proteus 20W RGBW LED power producing powerful, multi-colored laser like beams slow-to-fast strobe DMX 512 protocol 7 DMX channels 4 control modes: DMX 512; master/slave; sound activation; automatic 4-button display for function setting very ..


Светлинен Ефект SDJ-SPARKLE 1-0

200.00 лв. 295.00 лв.

Светлинен Ефект SDJ-SPARKLE 1-0 Светлинен LED ефект ( Дискотечно Осветление ) с мощност 9 W. LED EFFECT High output LED lighting effect w/ revolutionary RGB colour LED system Sparkle total LED power: 9W slow-to-fast strobe rotate and chaser functions DMX 512 protocol 6 DMX channel modes 4 control modes: DMX 512 master/slave sound act..

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