Ефектно осветление

Blade Runner Светлинен ефект

280.00 лв. 365.00 лв.

Светлинен LED ефект 256 LEDs, Red Green Blue White and Amber colors • IEC In- and output Светлинен ефект Auto and sound programs selectable by DMX • No moving parts inside The Showtec Blade Runner is a LED light-effect with 4 separate outputs that creates a wide range of beams and will cover a big size dance floor. It is equipped with IMC, Intelli..


DREAM DANCER Светлинен ефект

212.00 лв. 290.00 лв.

Светлинен LED ефект 15 gobo\'s • 10 Watt LED light source Светлинен ефект Plug and play • Auto, Static or Sound mode The Showtec Dream Dancer is a gobo flower with a powerful 10Watt Cool white LED light source. It has 15 gobo\'s with 6 different dichro\'s. It is plug-and-play and has three modes; auto, static or sound active. Both gobo and mirror ..


EXERCET Светлинен ефект

120.00 лв. 179.00 лв.

Последни бройки! Sound activated, multicoloured gobo flower •18 gobos, including 6 multi colour gobos •Excellent optics for enhanced brightness Светлинен ефект •2 switches control gobo and reflector dish for continuous or sound activated rotation •Sound activated by built-in microphone Technical Information Lamp: EFP 100W/12V Weight: 4,6kg Size: 2..


FLASH Laser 300mW 3D RGB - Лазерен светлинен ефект

300.00 лв. 515.00 лв.

Трицветен лазер - червено, зелено, синьо Technical Specification: Rated power: 150W power red: 100mW** / 650nm power green: 60mW** / 532nm power blue: 400mW** / 450nm   Beam specifications:      laser source: diode laser class: RGB Operation modes:      auto, music, DMX Channels: 13 Operating temperature: -1°--35°º Storage temperature: -10 --60°º..


FLASH LED Moving Head Cree Beam & Flower Светлинен ефект

500.00 лв. 738.00 лв.

Светлинен Ефект FLASH LED Moving Head Cree Beam & Flower LED Светлинен ефект 120W, който позволява да създадете интересни и цветни светлинни ефекти. Идеален е за дискотеки, малки и средни клубове. Moving head based on 12 RGBW CREE LEDs. It allows to create interesting and colorful lighting effects as well as a narrow light beam. It is ideally sui..


FLASH LED Moving Head Spot - Светлинен ефект

450.00 лв. 900.00 лв.

LED Светлинен ефект 60W. LED движеща се глава 60W с мощен 60W бял LED The new LED MOVING HEAD 60W with a powerful 60W white LED, this moving head has the equivalent light output of a 250W halogen bulb, yet uses less energy as well as having a longer life span. The light also features a prism, 7colour wheel, 6 different gobos which can be rotated t..


FLASH LED Moving Head Spot Светлинен Ефект

1,200.00 лв. 1,472.00 лв.

Светлинен Ефект FLASH LED Moving Head Spot LED Светлинен ефект 120W с подвижна глава . This LED MOVING HEAD 120W SPOT applied advanced design and processing technique, This modern 120W SPOT have extremely nice outlooking, and with upper-translucent lens lamp. That make it to be able to create accurate bright and sharp beam, with 7 rotating gobos ..


FLASH LED Moving Head Wash - Светлинен ефект

1,400.00 лв. 1,800.00 лв.

LED Светлинен ефект - 19 x 15W RGBW WASH moving head with 8-50° zoom feature, based on high-quality Osram diodes. The housing, made of durable plastic, makes the device more reliable than similar heads of its class. A number of features such as built-in programs, the possibility of changing rotation and tilt speed or adjusting rotation and tilt di..


Galactic RVP250 Лазерен светлинен ефект

250.00 лв. 395.00 лв.

Трицветен лазер - червено, виолетово, лилаво 250mW Red Violet Purple Laser • Compact housing • 32 Patterns and built-in shows Лазер • Red, Violet and Purple colors with total 250mW • Master / Slave possibility with other value line units The RVP-250 has bright red, violet and purple colors and a total power of 250mW. The multicolor lasers from Gal..


GENIUS2 Светлинен ефект

200.00 лв. 374.00 лв.

Последна бройка! •This is a fabulous effect based on 2pcs 3Watt RGB LEDs •Fills the room with powerful and sharp, laser like colored beams •Extremely brilliant colors compared to effects with halogen lamps Светлинен ефект •No lamp replacements! •Virtually no heat production and very low power consumption •0-100% dimming and ultra fast strobe funct..


HYDROGEN Светлинен ефект

180.00 лв. 290.00 лв.

Светлинен LED ефект Plug and play water effect • Manual focus Светлинен ефект 10W LED Light source • Strong light output The Showtec Hydrogen is a plug-and-play water projector with a powerful 10W LED Light source. It has a solid iron housing with a nice finish and strong bracket. It slowly scrolls the colors white, red, green, blue, purple & yell..


Icon GS Светлинен ефект

60.00 лв. 95.00 лв.

Светлинен ефект - Simulated Gobo Effect - interchangeable Gobo (26mm, 20mm viewable) - 2 Modes (continous rotation or static Gobo) - High Quality Optics - Clear Powerful Output - Compact Lightweight Design - Great for Use Without Fog - Hanging Bracket Included - Fan Cooled - Run All Night - Easy Lamp Replacement Access - Manual Focus -..


LASER MINI RG + 8x GOBO + RE Лазерен светлинен ефект

40.00 лв. 70.00 лв.

Мини лазерен ефект - червен и зелен лазер + 8 фигури LASER MINI RG + 8x GOBO + RE лазер Technical Specification: Laser power: green 30mW@532nm; red 100mW@650nm Rated power:     5W AC adapter: DC 5V/1A Beam specifications:     laser source:     diode laser class:     RG + 8x GOBO Operation modes:      Preheating time: 5-10m Cont..


MAGIC GOBO Светлинен ефект

400.00 лв. 696.00 лв.

Последна бройка! DMX and/or sound activated, gobo flowers 15 gobos, including 2 multi colour gobos DMX 3 channels: Strobe - Gobo/colour - Reflector Pre-programmed Stand-alone and Master/Slave mode Excellent optics for enhanced brightness! Sound activated by built-in microphone Optional CA-8 controller for extra functions..


STAR FORCE Светлинен ефект

120.00 лв. 250.00 лв.

Светлинен LED ефект Lasersharp beams • Sound-active program selectable by DMX Светлинен ефект 10W RGBW 4-in1 LED • IEC In- and output The Showtec Star Force is a new generation moonflower with a high power LED light source. Just one 10W 4-in-1 RGBW LED chip will take care of a powerful burst of beams that will take you into a colorful tunnel of li..

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